TRANZ, essential amino acid Drink.

What is it and why use it?


There is a growing interest in proteins and protein nutrition.  The animal protein sector is doing good business with this development, and invests heavily in research and marketing.  It is all for a good reason since animal proteins contain relatively high amounts of essential amino acids, and this what counts for your body.  The question is if  whey proteins are best option to optimise your protein nutrition. We do not think so and therefore we have developed TRANZ essential amino acid drink. We are convinced that TRANZ essential amino acids drink is more effective and more sustainable than any activity drink on the market. The main reasons to take an essential amino acid drink: 

  • Plant Based
  • Sustainable
  • Clean and Pure
  • Pharma grade actives


3-4 grams of essential amino acids have a similar effect as 20 whey proteins on your muscle protein synstheses.   Check the science page for more details. 

Transparency on sourcing

Our pharma grade amino acids are produced in Germany. We work together with one of the three European producers of amino acids. You can be sure that we only use this source for the production of TRANZ, since we value quality and long term relationships. This is the production plant.

Clean and pure

We use only pharma grade active ingredients. The quality we use is the same quality as used in medical nutrition. So you can be use about the highest quality ingredients, without contaminants. Our TRANZ is free of GMO material, endo and exotoxins every batch is analysed before use. Ask yourself the question, which brand you would choose.

Plant based and sustainable

Our Amino Acids are produced via fermentation. The main starting material is starch, in most cases corn starch. This is fermented with micro organisms and then purified. Please bear in mind that not the fermentation is the crucial step, but the purification. This is the difference between feed grade amino acids and pharma grade.

Amino acids for muscle growth

We are using all 9 essential amino acids (EAA), in our TRANZ. The reason for this is that you need all 9 EAA together in sufficient levels available in your blood to get an optimal result. Single amino acids are quickly absorbed in the blood stream. There is ample evidence for the efficacy of essential amino acids on muscle protein syntheses. Please check our Science Page for more details.

tranz Essential amino acid Drink.
transparent, pure, sustainable.

It is nice that TRANZ is an innovative way to take your proteins and boosts your muscle metabolism.  This is not the only challenge. We need provide you with a solid and sustainable concept, that has a solid nutrition base, and it needs to taste well. So we did our utmost the get the best aromas in to create a well tasting drink. Since essential amino acids do not taste very well, they are quite bitter. 

Great Taste

  • Ginger
  • Prickly Pear
  • Agave
  • Amino acids.......

A Functional Drink

  • 9 Essential amino acids
  • Supports muscle syntheses
  • Clean and Pure
  • With B vitamins (B12)


  • Plant based
  • Meets your requirements
  • European Production
  • animal protein substitute

Frequently asked questions

In amino acid drinks you have to balance between taste and the concentration of the actives. If you go over 1% concentration in essential amino acid solution, they start tasting quite bitter. Also the ‘background’ taste can effect the taste strongly. On the other hand, 3300 mg EAA has a similar effect on muscle protein growth as 20 g whey protein. So 1 unit is a great way to support muscle activity after sports. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is very clear on essential amino acids and the ratio between these amino acids. We have based the ratio of essential amino acids on the advice of the WHO, and this is the ratio we applied in TRANZ. WHO does not give any advise on non essential amino acids. 

You can order in the webshop and we are gearing up the production. We have the first batches produced on a small scale to test the market and we are now gearing up. Furthermore we focus on the specialised retail shops, focused on health food and nutrition. You will not find us in discount shops, that does not fit our quality and marketing strategy. 

TRANZ is best used just after an activity. This can be a training session in the fitness center, or after a  tour around the golf course. it fits very nicely in a plant based or vegan diet, since it is completely plant based. Furthermore it is the missing link in a plant based diet in terms of essential amino acids and B vitamins. We have added Vitamin B 12 for this reason. 

Yes,  in any case when you want to boost your diet with extra protein, you can take a TRANZ. So when your travelling, or after sports, you can take one.  Also when you are somewhat older and losing muscle mass, TRANZ can help you to support maintaining muscle mass. 

TRANZ is a new Brand for clean and pure functional drinks.  Contact Us

What is the best way to take a tranz?

After Sport
TRANZ essential amino acid drink is ideal to take after sport. It the most pure and easy way to make sure my get what i need to support a rapid recovery.
quino-al-490977-unsplash WOMEN RUN SWIM
Sandra Johnson
Tri Athlete
A great alternative for a whey shake.
The plant based alternative to a whey shake. I really like the taste and the concept. Great innovation and great taste
Xenia Ferguson
Food blogger
Fits a plant based lifestyle.
To supplement my protein and amino acid requirement. Since i prefer plant based nutrition, I'm always looking for innovative products to supplement my diet.
Julia Tompson
To stay fit and strong, while getting older. Essential amino acids are the best way to support my fitness. I take a TRANZ after a long hike or after a tour on the golf course. It makes me feel fit and revitalised.
Mark thomas
Loves Golf